West Point Taylor Hall

Cast Stone Institute 2021 RESTORATION EXCELLENCE Award Winner

Cast Stone Institute 2021 MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE Award Winner

Cast Stone Institute 2021 CRAFTSMANSHIP EXCELLENCE Award Winner

Cast Stone Restoration: Teaming up with Lupini Construction, we were able to restore this massive Eagle for West Point Taylor Hall. It took a lot of man hours reconstructing all of the details in the stones, but turned out beautiful! (on site photos by Lupini Construction)

This project is a complete cast stone replacement restoration of one of the iconic buildings of the West Point Academy which was constructed in 1910. The cast stone scope includes the complete replacement of very ornate upper cast stone elements, including a unique 10’ wide x 9’ high three-dimensional eagle, large medallions, architectural hood, tracery, beam, decorative heads, panels, and pilasters.

Since the original architectural elements were cast stone, fabricating in the same material was an important aspect of the building restoration.

The highly refined cast stone mix design and intricate cast stone molding techniques enabled the detailed replication of the ornate architectural details. The fully restored cast stone elements serve as the visual focal point of this historically significant building.

Comments from the Judges:
"Wow! To replicate a complex carved stone piece out of cast stone is impressive."

"The depth of the relief was impressive and the replication was well portrayed."

"All the friezes are unique with no repetition which increases the complexity of the project."

"This is truly a work of art completed in cast stone."

"To reproduce the extremely detailed pieces from 1910 is mind boggling. On top of that the new cast stone replication was even better!"

Additional Images: 
BEFORE (original)
West Point Taylor Hall
West Point Taylor Hall
West Point Taylor Hall
End Result
West Point Taylor Hall