Edison Memorial Tower

Edison Memorial Tower, Edison NJ

The project was a restoration of the architectural precast panels on the original Edison Memorial Tower. The lower level panels comprised of black and red glass to match the original panels, were fabricated and replaced, along with the top two levels of white precast panels, comprised of crushed blue ceramic tile aggregate. The tower concrete was an original work by the Earley Studio, founded by John J. Earley, one of the original pioneers of exposed aggregate concrete.

Architect: Mills + Schnoering Architects LLC, Princeton NJ

Contractor: Hilt Construction Inc., Hillsborough NJ

Historical Consultant: The Armbruster Company Inc., Northbrook IL

Additional Images: 
Original black base panels
Original construction photos of the upper panels
Original deteriorated base panels (black panels were painted over years earlier due to deterioration)
Structure prior to restoration
Documenting the existing structure for shop drawing preparation
Black and red glass mix design to match the original structure.
Black and red glass panels in Sun Precast yard awaiting shipment
White precast panels in Sun Precast manufacturing plant
Custom panels awaiting shipment at Sun Precast plant
Replacement panels being shipped to jobsite
The top two levels were replaced with new precast panels
New white upper precast panels installed
Completed structure with new black base panels and upper panels
Completed structure