Princeton University Press

2011 Cast Stone Institute Excellence Award Winner - Restoration and Manufacturing Excellence Categories

This cast stone restoration project is a complete replacement of the collegiate gothic courtyard entrance at Princeton University. The original arch, erected in 1911, was badly deteriorating and no longer structurally sound, or aesthetically pleasing. Over the years, most of the cast stone had lost their original architectural detail. Sun Precast partnered with Masonry Preservation Group to restore this architectural gem to its original beauty.

Masonry Contractor: Masonry Preservation Group Inc., Merchantville NJ

Architect Consultant: Thomas E. White, Preservation Architect, Princeton NJ

Engineering Consultant: Harald Greve, Applied Engineering & Technology, Skillman NJ

Additional Images: 
Before - Original deteriorated arch
Before - Deteriorated panels and coping
Princeton University Press
Before - Deteriorated panels
Before - Deteriorated structure
Before - Original rosettes
Before - Original arch surround with rosettes
During - Original element "restored" in clay
During - Enhanced clay details and existing details
Molding - Intricate details incorporated into mold
Molding - Replacement arch designed as one-piece
After - New Princeton University Crest Panel
After - Cast Stone rosette details
After - Cast Stone arch prior to installation
After - Fully restored structure with new Cast Stone
After - New Cast Stone Arch
After - New Cast Stone Arch
After - New Cast Stone Arch
After - New Cast Stone Arch
After - New Cast Stone Crest Installed
After - Intricate architectural details
After - New Cast Stone elements with fine detail